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About Us

Our Foundation
A story of Organizational Excellence

At Pharaoh Analytics, organization is the key to our success. Laying a healthy foundation, creates the architecture for innovation.


Our Approach
Optimized Solutions, Driven by Data

 Each solution is meticulously tailored, employing our proprietary AI, ΛƬӨM, to transform raw data into precise, actionable knowledge. This continuous process of optimization is what sets us apart—it ensures that every piece of data not only serves but actively propels our clients' businesses forward. 


Our Culture
Innovation Meets Execution

At Pharaoh Analytics, execution is an art form. We see each project as a mission to deliver not just results, but excellence. Our team’s commitment extends beyond meeting deadlines; it's about surpassing expectations with every deliverable. 

 Embracing the Wolfpack Model

Empowerment and Leadership

At Pharaoh Analytics, we embrace the wolfpack's shared leadership model, empowering every team member to lead and innovate. Our cyclical leadership approach allows for continuous renewal and growth, ensuring that anyone can become a future leader within our company.


Flexibility and Mentorship

Our culture is characterized by adaptability and mentorship. Roles within our team are fluid and evolve based on individual strengths and project needs. Helping every member to expand their skills and advance their careers.


Sustainability and Growth

 We prioritize sustainable practices that enhance our team's well-being and the company's long-term success. Ensuring a healthy environment for innovation and growth.


Meet the Innovators


Mikela Hines

Founder, President, CMO

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Brandon Hudson


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Chosen Blakey

Founder, CEO

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Aadi Katta

GA Tech, Computer Science Major


    Johnny Goldsmith


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    Kayle Lewis

    SCAD, Game Design & Development Major

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