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Unlock Data-Driven Insights with #ΛƬӨM

Empower your sports experience with AI-powered calculators that provide data-driven insights. Optimize your decisions and elevate your game with confidence, leveraging the power of advanced analytics.


Pharaoh Analytics has the most expansive NFL database in the world


We have ATS data for every NFL game dating back to 1940.


We have NFL Coach and Player data for every NFL game dating back to 1999


We have NFL fantasy football data dating back to 1999

Uncover a world of data possibilities to elevate your decision-making. Dive into the full spectrum of insights by contacting our data team. Let's tailor the perfect solution for you!.

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Pharaoh Consulting

We offer a wide range of consulting services to help businesses and individuals reach their goals. We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated consultants who are ready to help you achieve success. 


AI Optimization

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Webpage Development

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API Development

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Data Storage and Warehousing

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Data Optimization

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Business Consulting

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Financial Management



Meet Our Consultants

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Our Clients


#ΛƬӨM Challenge

Welcome to the #ΛƬӨM Challenge, where your sports knowledge and predictive skills can win you big!


Every week, we'll unveil the latest game spread lines generated by #ΛƬӨM, giving you the chance to showcase your expertise.

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